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August 11, 2023 9:41 am
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Texas LTC course presents a comprehensive training solution, equipping you with the necessary expertise for confident concealed handgun carrying. Experience self-paced learning and get ready for the LTC proficiency assessment from the comfort of your home. Join us today and embark on the journey towards responsible firearm ownership, gaining the assurance that comes with being an LTC holder.

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Advantages of Opting for Our Online Texas LTC Course

We provide a carefully designed program that will make learning easy and enjoyable. Get the legal authority to carry a concealed weapon and fully respect your Second Amendment rights. Prepare yourself for the LTC evaluation by taking our comprehensive program, which guarantees that you’ll learn essential skills and knowledge. Also, benefit from the expert guidance offered by In Focus Training, which will help you improve your gun handling abilities and become a more responsible LTC holder.

Fostering Proficiency and Confidence for the LTC Proficiency Test

Enroll in our online Texas LTC course, designed to equip you for success in passing the state test essential for obtaining a gun carry license. This course covers essential information. It covers everything from attaining a thorough grasp of laws and regulations to engaging in hands-on firearm practice. Throughout the course, there’s an emphasis on safety.

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Essential Information and Enrollment Process for the Online Texas LTC Course

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Find out important details about our Online Texas LTC course, such as how it is convenient to access and use. Complete the four-hour course at your own pace, and join us for range time and a demonstration of your skills. Begin owning a gun responsibly by enrolling in our Online LTC course today.

Contact Us for Online Texas LTC Enrollment and Inquiries

Are you interested in delving deeper into the details of our Online Texas LTC course? Are you pondering the ways in which it can profoundly enhance your firearm knowledge and skills? If so, let our dedicated team at In Focus Training step in and offer you the essential guidance you seek. Our objective is to assist you in achieving your License to Carry and fostering responsible firearm ownership. We encourage you to take the proactive step of reaching out and commencing your journey toward online LTC certification. Alternatively, if you prefer a swift approach, you also have the option to directly enroll using the provided link below.

FAQs: Online Texas LTC

Here are some FAQs about the online course:

Can I complete the online LTC class at my own pace?

Absolutely, one of the hallmark advantages of online LTC courses lies in the flexibility they offer. With this in mind, the course can accommodate your schedule, granting you the convenience to study at your preferred times.

Is an online LTC class recognized and accepted by the state of Texas?

Indeed, online LTC classes that have gained approval from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) are not only recognized but also accepted as a legitimate form of training to acquire a Texas License to Carry.


Count on Focus Training as your steadfast and dependable ally. We hold a firm commitment to offering you convenient and comprehensive training for your Texas License to Carry (LTC). Through our Online Texas LTC course, you effectively acquire the essential abilities and competencies needed not only for safeguarding your LTC but also, crucially, for the responsible exercise of your Second Amendment rights.

As you make the seamless transition from the convenience of our online platform, you’ll instantaneously immerse yourself in the invaluable mentorship delivered by our expert instructors. This harmonious synergy constructs an exceptional training experience that expertly prepares you for the forthcoming LTC proficiency assessment.

Through enrolling in our Online LTC course, you have the opportunity to actively cultivate self-assurance and proficiency in carrying a concealed handgun. We take care to ensure your comprehensive training, thereby boosting your confidence significantly. Our deliberate emphasis on gun safety, advanced shooting skills, and responsible ownership establishes a stable and reliable foundation, allowing you to become a trustworthy LTC holder.

We provide accurate information in order to remove fear and dispel myths about the LTC program. As a result, you have an extremely precise and comprehensive understanding of the several advantages and essential requirements connected with Texas LTC. Moreover, the substantial inclusion of customer comments from our satisfied clients further demonstrates the tangible effectiveness of our training and underlines the unwavering experience of our experienced instructors.

Texas Online LTC Course (DPS Approved)

In Focus Training Offers the approved Online Texas LTC Class. The class is four hours in length. It is straight forward. You will complete an exam once wrapping up the course content. Your LTC-101 certificate (classroom completion certificate, will be provided to you once done). After this exam come out with us and complete your proficiency test. IFT will email your LTC-100 once the in person portion of the process is completed.

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