Texas Online License to Carry Course

Texas Online License to Carry Course: Your Path to Certification

December 21, 2023 12:20 pm
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Introduction to Texas Online License to Carry

Embark on a journey of responsible firearm ownership with In Focus Training’s Texas Online License to Carry (LTC) course. This state-approved program equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge for safe, legal firearm use, right from the comfort of your home.

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Standout Features of Our Texas Online LTC Course

Convenience at Your Fingertips: Our online LTC course, designed for your busy lifestyle, offers unmatched flexibility and accessibility on any device. You will find this user-friendly approach essential for a stress-free learning experience.

Led by Industry Experts: In Focus Training brings you a curriculum crafted by seasoned professionals. You will cover all vital aspects of firearm safety, laws, and non-violent dispute resolution, adhering to Texas DPS standards.

Online Course

In-Depth Online LTC Education

  • Robust Firearm Safety Training: We emphasize critical firearm safety practices, ensuring responsible handling and storage.
  • Current Legal Insights: We keep you updated with the latest in Texas firearm laws and regulations.
  • Skills for Conflict Resolution: You will learn non-violent dispute resolution techniques, crucial for every responsible firearm owner.

Starting Your Texas LTC Journey

Enrolling in our Texas Online License to Carry course is easy and straightforward:

  1. Simply visit In Focus Training.
  2. Sign up for the Online LTC course quickly.
  3. Progress through the course at your own pace, enjoying the freedom to pause and resume as needed.

Broaden Your Horizons with Texas LTC

After completing our course, you’ll be ready to carry legally in 37 states. This achievement dramatically expands your legal carrying options.

Join Our Safety-First Community

When you choose In Focus Training, you join a community that values the highest standards of firearm safety and responsible use.

Need Assistance? Contact Us!

For any questions about Texas LTC or concealed carry, feel free to reach out to us at ataylor@infocus-training.com or call 281-744-1776. We’re here to help!

Discover Our Texas Online LTC Course – DPS Approved

Join us at In Focus Training and navigate your way to obtaining a Texas LTC efficiently. Our four-hour DPS-approved online course guarantees an effective learning experience. After finishing the course, you’ll receive your LTC-101 certificate. We then invite you to participate in range instruction and proficiency testing. Enroll with In Focus Training now and confidently step towards responsible firearm ownership.


Feedback from a Satisfied Customer

Anthony was a great instructor. I was nervous and he set me at ease. Showed me a proper grip which improved my shooting. A natural teacher. I highly recommend him to everyone

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